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IT consultant within Pega


IT consultant within Pega

Observera att rekryteringen till detta program är slutförd och du kan därför inte längre söka till programmet
Are you ready to launch your new career as a software engineer or system architect working with Pegasystems? We´re finally launching our next program in English! This time you have the chance to learn the old school but highly appreciated Pega, created by the leader in software for digital transformation. After 12 weeks of accelerated training you´ll have a thrilling future ahead of you, working at either Swedbank or Tieto via Academic Work.
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Why Pega?

Pegasystems have developed platforms to improve customer relations and business process management since 1983 and have amongst many, both Swedbank and Tieto as clients. Pega is a cloud-architected software built on Java making it easy for businesses to rapidly deploy, extend and change applications to meet strategic organizational needs. Both Swedbank and Tieto see Pega as a strategic platform and want to increase their teams with new Pega competence.

About the program

This Accelerated Learning Program has been developed in close collaboration with Swedbank, Tieto and other experts within Pega and the IT industry. Immediately after graduation you will be prepared to start working as a software engineer or system architect in this IT system. The program contains Java fundamentals and object-oriented programming. You´ll also get a great insight in the Pega platform and take the PCSA certification. Moreover, you will get an understanding of databases, datatypes and how to send SQL-queries. Along the technical competences the program contains soft skills such as networking, consultant behavior and agile methodology to prepare you for your upcoming role as an IT consultant.

Accelerated Learning with Academy

The program is held in boot camp style during 12 intense weeks. The methodology focuses on high pace tempo, brief theoretical go throughs followed by practical exercise. Just as in real work life you´ll work both individually and in teams. Your development is important for us, therefore you´ll get support from both teachers and program managers to make sure you manage the training and are happy with your time at Academy.

Application process

To be able to apply to the program you need to be over 18 years old and be able to communicate in English. For a position at Swedbank you need to have an academic background and for Tieto you need to be able to communicate also in Swedish. No other previous knowledge is needed! Academic Work is responsible for the recruitment process starting with tests to see if you have what it takes to learn Pega in 12 weeks - do you accept the challenge? Take the tests here. After graduation you´ll be employed by Academic Work with assignment at Swedbank as a software engineer or at Tieto as a system architect.

About Swedbank

Swedbank’s roots are firmly entrenched in Sweden’s savings bank history, the cooperative agricultural bank tradition and Hansabank’s major role in the Baltic countries. We serve everyone, from customers with basic needs to those who require advanced banking services. We work to develop close relationships with our 7.3 million private customers and 620 000 corporate customers.

About Tieto

Tieto is a globally recognized technology company with strong drive to grasp the opportunities of the data-driven world and the aim to become customer´s first choice for business renewal.

Takten man lärde sig saker på var riktigt brant, speciellt om man jämför med universitetstiden. Pedagogiken var verkligen utformad för människor som lär sig fort, vilket jag fann väldigt stimulerande för min inlärning. Samtidigt får man inte glömma allt omkring, alla härliga klasskamrater med spännande bakgrunder och vilka infallsvinklar det gav på problemlösningen, det fina och fräscha lokalerna och lärarna och personalen på Academy som verkligen var rätt personer på rätt plats!
Wilhelm PerdahlJava HT16
Vilket gäng, vilka fantastiska människor! Med grymma lärare, stöttande klasskamrater och härliga Academy så klarade vi 12 veckor. Trodde inte att man kunde lära sig så mycket på så kort tid. Jag skulle rekommendera alla som är intresserade av IT-branschen att göra den här resan.
Anna TaliveerJava HT17
I den här branschen är man i konstant lärande så övergången från skola till arbete känns verkligen som en flytande gräns. Jag ser fram emot att fortsätta den här resan.
Mathias VessbergJava sommar18